Cytokine Multiplex Analysis Software

Mplex is a semi automated software for evaluation of multiplexed bead assays in flow cytometry. It is particularly useful for cytokine evaluation and can be used with a variety of currently available commercial multiplex kits. It can also be used for lab-designed kits using a combination of beads. Examples shows include kits from BiolegendTM (2 size beads, up to 7 bead intensity levels for 13 plex) and MilliplexTM bead assays kits based on standard LuminexTM beads. MPLEX can easily handle both 96 well and 384 well bead assays.

Automated Image Processing of Tooth Plaque

This software was developed to solve a simple problem. How to define the changes in plague coverage on teeth over many months of repeated measurement. First the species was identified then type of tooth structure was developed. An algorithm was developed to create a pixel defined area for plaque density and then an automated algorithm developed to copy that process across similar teeth over time. Data were then plotted monthly to determine the percentage change in plaque coverage.

High Throughput Screening Flow Cytometry Software

PlateAnalyzer™ is a unique software package that can read virtually any flow cytometry file type up to 384 well plates and can reduce the complex data to graphically reduced analysis in a few seconds. It can produce IC50 curves (using multiple algorithms) and can perform very complex associations between samples to produce a “what if” type of analysis not possible with any other software approach. There are unlimited number of gating possibilities and virtually any type of designed gate can be created. Download Download requires specific request to J.Paul Robinson – send me an email with your name and institution...

Cell Cycle Analysis Software

Xploid™ is a unique software package for the automated analysis of cell cycle by high throughput flow cytometry. Designed specifically for 96 or 384 well microplates (can still read basic tube data) this software has a fully automated classification technology for the identification of haploids and diploid signatures. For example, it can be applied to basic studies of apoptosis, or for plant cell analysis.


Cytospec is free software package useful for flow cytometry data analysis. It includes both traditional listmode data analysis techniques available in most commercially available packages but it also provides PCA analysis in an easy to use application. Further, there are dozens of useful options such as ability to save gated datasets to new listmode files, ability to add or subtract noise for a data set, spectral flow cytometry algorithms, and a plethora of other useful utility features. Reads most flow cytometry data types. Download Windows Latest stable release Cytospec Version 9.0 (April 19, 2016): 64 bit, 32 bit. Archived releases...

Microbial Analysis Software

We have developed a series of software packages for the analysis and identification of microbial colonies. This includes development of the hardware control software as well as the analytical software for colony identification. Video Tutorials Micro-Bac Description: Automation in Microbiological Identification: The Next Generation of Elastic Light Scatter Instruments: A demonstration of Label-Free Microbial Identification by Hettich Lab Technology: A demonstration of Label-Free Microbial Identification by PUCL Productions: