High Throughput Screening Flow Cytometry Software

PlateAnalyzer™ is a unique software package that can read virtually any flow cytometry file type up to 384 well plates and can reduce the complex data to graphically reduced analysis in a few seconds. It can produce IC50 curves (using multiple algorithms) and can perform very complex associations between samples to produce a “what if” type of analysis not possible with any other software approach. There are unlimited number of gating possibilities and virtually any type of designed gate can be created.


Download requires specific request to J.Paul Robinson – send me an email with your name and institution and a request to jpr@flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu.
Note: while this is free to not-for-profit institutions, corporations who wish to use this software require a research and development contract with PUCL. This ensures our group can support your needs.

We frequently request a data set from you to test the program prior to giving you the software. This is to ensure that your files will run on this software.
PlateAnalyzer™ is a program for high content flow cytometry analysis. It requires specific license document which will be prepared for each user. In order to do this, you must send an email to jpr@flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu and request a copy providing your name, and institution. (NPF only)

Required files:


YouTube tutorial files (these were made on an earlier version, but they are very similar to the current version). You may find updates on our YouTube channel.

  1. The quick 45 sec demo
  2. Instant gates
  3. Basic analysis
  4. Exporting data in CSV format
  5. New Drugbox controls
  6. Logic Map
  7. Wells with no cells video!
  8. Auto-update feature
  9. Enhanced features March 2012
  10. SMILES codes read for drugs see
  11. New DRUGBOX Controls features
  12. Export CSV data files
  13. Dealing with Empty Wells
  14. 40 PLUS parameter data CyTOF analysis
  15. Autowell finder-extracting single wells from large files